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What are the structural characteristics of the sealing knife

times   2015-04-11
Tile press sealing knife known as broken trowel. Its advantages are simple structure, manufacture, easy to assemble, little resistance to mud, it is widely used.
Vacuum sealed double tile press knife. When two stirring shafts are driven around the sealing tool rotational direction of the arrow, the knife cutting edge seal tooth will continually mud into pieces, shredded mud from the knife along the knife bevel gear teeth The gap extrusion.
The more the number of teeth, the pug is cut the more detailed, the better the vacuum treatment of mud. But cutter teeth too much mud into the vacuum chamber of the resistance is too large, not only increases the power consumption tile press, but also makes for a higher level of mud slowed. When a high-level speed for mud knife teeth can be more. Conversely, the knife teeth can be less.
Sealing knife knife teeth usually 4-8 teeth can be up to 12 teeth. When the upper level to screw extrusion, school arbor without vacuum box, then seal them into the overall knife. When the level of take-up shaft for single or stirring bar, very mixed meal by vacuum box, in order to facilitate disassembly, sealing knife made from outside.
Must ensure that the design and installation of the sealing knife, the tilt direction of the sealing knife tooth, and shall be consistent with the direction of the spiral where the agitator shaft seal reamer. Otherwise, seal cutting knife blade can be out of action, while the slope will lose teeth pug's "diversion Huan role pug Movement in the opposite direction, so that the pressure-watt machine is not working properly, or even cause parts of damage.
Knife to seal welded steel structure and as well, can also be made of cast iron.