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Structure and characteristics of the mud which the cylinder

times   2015-04-11
Mud is a cylinder with a flange at both ends of a cylindrical part. Back through the ear and the front axle bolts and tank are connected by the tip of the head flange bolts use. Large multi-use clay tile press cylinder vertical split, and removed the bolts on the flange, two steps can be separated from the mud tank, bring convenience to spiral reamer disassembly and repair.
Production capacity of tile press, the size of the subject to the constraints of the mud tank, the other conditions being the same, the larger the diameter of the mud tank, the higher the production capacity. In addition, the shape of the mud tank tile press production and power consumption is also affected. Mud cylinder shape our current tile press, basically there are two kinds of cylindrical and conical.
Painting conical mud mud into the side of the cylinder diameter is greater than the output, it makes the pug running resistance increases, the yield decreases. In addition, when the forward mud due to greater resistance, some mud will return back along the spiral reamer mud and mud cylinder liner clearance. Therefore, according to practical experience, has been replaced by a cylindrical-conical mud mud tank cylinder, so yield tile press is greatly increased. The new tile press using cylindrical clay cylinder, mud pressure is close by selling variable pitch spiral reamer is completed. The advantage is that at which the mud is moved forward, small power consumption, high production capacity.
Because Lake cylinder head and the transition section is subject to the bin and spiral reamer is part of a long cylinder rotating in the mud, mud rotary extrusion in this chamber, mud tank suffered great resistance, wear it great. To prevent rapid wear of the mud tank, the mud cylinder walls lining with a removable metal bushing, and in order to make possible the machine pug mouth moves along together to prevent rotation when rotating spiral reamer, while the liner system as with longitudinal grooves. When the mud to fill in these trenches, they have a greater resistance to prevent the mud in the mud rotary cylinder wall, thus increasing the pug forward speed.
Some tile press spiral grooves in the mud cylinder liner, its helix spiral reamer opposite direction. Practice has proved that this structure to improve the quality of clay, lower operating resistance have good results.