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Spiral reamer speed of the impact on the tile press

times   2015-04-11
Different specifications, form of tile press, its spiral reamer speed varies, there are a dozen turn, two dozen turn, turn around until fifty. When a certain range of speed is too high reamer, tile press, although the efficiency can be improved, but at the same time it increases the load and power consumption of tile press, prompting a greater mechanical wear. Under the same conditions, a larger diameter smaller than the diameter of reamer reamer peripheral linear speed of the outer edge of a large, so large diameter reamer should be slower than the rotational speed of the small-diameter reamer.
However, the yield tile press does not always improve the anti-reamer and increase speed. When Reamer speed to a certain extent, an increase in yield tile press was limited, or even decline. Therefore, there must be an optimum speed in which the title. At the optimum speed, output pressure tile machine speed increases and rises; more than the optimum speed, yield increase or decrease quantity is small, the power consumption increases, but the parts wear and tear.
Best speed is obtained by experiment. JZ400 type tile press production of ordinary brick, once in a spiral reamer speed of 36-75 rev / min within the scope of the test, the results of 53 rev / sharing best. Of course, with different factors such as the nature of the mud, the best speed is not the same.
The current production, peripheral velocity spiral reamer generally use 60-65 m / min is suitable.
When moderate mud plastic, reamers can take the high speed value, and vice versa should be low,
When the mud molding moisture content is low, reamers speed should get lower, and vice versa should select a higher value,
When the large-diameter spiral reamer, the speed should be lower, and vice versa should select a higher value,
When a large enclosed cylinder length, speed spiral reamer should select a lower value, whereas some high speed optional too.