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Spiral reamer repair severe wear without the disadvantages

times   2015-04-11
During use, the spiral reamer with mud cylinder liner gap to 10 mm, it should be welding. Some of this pressure watts Factory does not have enough knowledge gap spiral dumplings knife with large mud cylinder liner is still in use more than 30 mm, which is very economical.
Spiral reamer severe wear without repair, exactly what harm it will bring, the following main points.
Due to severe wear spiral reamer to gap mud cylinder liner plus pill mud mud reverse move back to serious, prone to mud-cylinder heat, reducing the production capacity of the pressure-watt machine.
Due to severe wear spiral reamer, reducing the effective work reamer extrusion area. Spiral reamer 30 mm radius wear calculation, JZ450 type tile press reamer effectively squeezing area decreased 15%, JZ400 type tile press decrease 30.8%, while the small-diameter tile press this effect is particularly serious. This is bound to greatly reduce the production of pressure-watt machine.
Because spiral reamer serious wear, outer mud lose extrusion pressure to form clay mud flow slows down around the central part of the mud flow speed, ie the central part of the cross section of mud mud faster than peripheral speed of mud, leading products appear spiral pattern.
Because spiral reamer severe wear, difficult to repair work can not be repaired even make reamer shortened life expectancy.
Spiral reamer group segments of life varies reamer. General subject material and transportation segment segment reamer reamer replacement once, press section reamer will have to replace twice.