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How to find a positive pressure tile machine

times   2015-03-27
Alignment is to tile press impartially just in a predetermined position, so that vertical and horizontal centerline and basic tile press the centerline alignment. Therefore, we must look for the introduction of tile press center line or center point, namely to identify the positioning reference tile press and pressure-watt machine crossed. Positioning base tile press is generally in the specification, design or instructions on tile press has prescribed. If not specified, the base plane can tile press with geometric mapping method to find the center of the tile press. Tile press in place after use measuring tools and wire side of St. hammer, such as errors, can be used a pry bar pry tile press, minor adjustments, until the center line on the basis of positive so far.
Determined in accordance with the requirements of the position relationship between the clay tiles set in a variety of mechanical processes between each other, is to select one of the tile press as a reference, then press the tile press relations and in turn be determined centerline. Then centerline hanging wire frame can be set. Pull available round wire diameter 0.3 to 0.8 mm. When hung, should the line taut. Tension force is too small, the line sag and sway, affecting the installation accuracy. General tensioning wire tensile strength of 30-80%.